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Centinel Spine in the News: Riverside Doctor Performs Area’s 1st Multi-Lumbar Disc Replacement


Source: Daily Journal

Dr. Juan Jimenez, a Riverside Neurosurgeon, has always had a dedicated fascination with using technology to benefit his patients.

So when Centinel Spine announced the FDA approval of their two-level disc replacement, Jimenez was sure area residents would find benefit from this medical breakthrough.

The Centinel Spine’s prodisc is for those who need to have more than one lumbar disc replacement. It’s currently the only approved implant for two-level replacement. Moreover, the implant seeks to replicate the body’s natural movement by using a unique ball and socket design.

The opportunity to utilize the implant came in late October when both patient and Jimenez agreed that the new technological implant would lead to a positive outcome.

“I knew Centinel had the prodisc available, and [the patient] would benefit from it because of their lower back mobility,” Jimenez said. “After discussing it with them, we decided to move forward. The result was even better than expected.”

Jimenez said that Centinel Spine has been in trial testing with the prodisc for more than 15 years with excellent results.

Dr. Jimenez did several trial fits of various-sized implants during the surgery before selecting one that most naturally matched the patient’s body.

“For us, mobility is key,” he said. “We want to make sure the patient has the best opportunity to return to their normal or better range of motion as possible while ultimately being pain-free.”

Jimenez is one of only two surgeons in the state providing two-level replacement surgeries and the only one outside of Chicagoland. It can help patients who are looking to avoid lengthy trips, traffic headaches and overnight stays in areas they aren’t familiar with.


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