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Centinel Spine in the News: Prevost Completes First Disc Replacement Surgery at Walker Baptist

Source: Daily Mountain Eagle (Walker County, Alabama)


Dr. Mark Prevost II made history at Walker Baptist Medical Center late last year by performing the first disc replacement surgery at the hospital.

The cervical disc replacement surgery was done on Nov. 29 by Prevost, who is bringing the innovative surgery to Jasper for the first time.

“Disc replacements are an alternative to getting a fusion,” Prevost explained. “Where I was trained at Texas Back Institute in Plano, Texas, they were actually the first group to do disc replacements in the United States, and that was over 20 years ago. It is just now getting traction, and if you go to a big city like Dallas or New York, California, it’s slowly becoming standard of care.”

Centinel Spine makes the prodisc L and prodisc C for lumbar and cervical use, respectively. It is the product Prevost uses during his surgical procedures. The surgery replaces a damaged disc with a disc made of titanium on the outside and a polyplastic material in the middle, according to Prevost.

“It’s the exact same material that a total knee or total hip is made of,” he said.

He said the disc replacement surgery offers a shorter recovery time of six weeks, compared to the recovery from a spinal fusion, which can take up to 12 weeks. The disc replacement also doesn’t impact one’s motion, as a fusion can. Not everyone is a candidate for disc replacement surgery, however, due to the amount of degeneration, arthritis and other factors.



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