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Centinel Spine in the News: Centinel Spine Doubles Cervical TDR Sales in 60 Days

“20 years ago, prodisc was just one of a dozen motion preserving implants. Today, it is the clear #1 as this story explains.”

– Robin Young, Founder and Publisher, Orthopedics This Week (from a recent Top Ten Stories Roundup Communication)

Source: Orthopedics This Week

West Chester, Pennsylvania-based Centinel Spine, LLC, although still a private company, also issued some sales performance statistics during the first quarter reporting season and announced that its newest cervical total disc arthroplasty product, prodisc C Vivo doubled in sales—and not from 2 to 4, or 10 to 20—but rather from 500 to 1,000 units in just 60 days…

“There are three reasons for this market momentum,” said Centinel CEO Steve Murray to OTW. “Our ‘fit the disc to the patient’—Match-the-Disc—concept has been well received by surgeons as they are seeing clear benefits from products that require less endplate preparation and disruption, among other things.”

“Also, we do a substantial amount of peer-to-peer medical education in bioskills labs and webinars. In addition, we are releasing more equipment into the market and engaging surgeons who have experienced highly reliable and reproducible results with prodisc C Vivo and prodisc C SK in addition to the original prodisc C.”

In clinical use around the world since 2009, the prodisc C Vivo employs a keel-less fixation configuration and combines a unique anatomically designed, domed superior endplate with lateral spikes to optimize fit and provide immediate fixation.

“Because the prodisc C Vivo has a strong global track record, we had a rich global experience to build from,” explained Murray. “Its reliability has been proven and it is the biggest selling disc in the international market, allowing for ongoing feedback that fosters constant improvements to instrumentation as well as to the entire system.”

“As for the prodisc C SK, surgeons benefit from a flat endplate design for optimized implant positioning, allowing them to address individual patient anatomy when a flatter vertebral body is observed. prodisc C SK has a low-profile central keel that provides immediate fixation and enables a streamlined keel preparation technique.”

“Surgeons like the fact that with these implants there is little bone prep required,” added Murray. “These new discs are built of the same materials and reliable prodisc mechanism of action that performs for a lifetime. Over 70% of our surgeons had been using a competitor’s total disc replacement device, with two out of three of them coming back to prodisc. At this point we are approaching 200 surgeon users of the prodisc C Vivo and prodisc C SK.”

“Growth was faster than we had anticipated so we needed more product! It was especially interesting to learn about the mix of sizes the surgeons were using as they adopted the system. We continue working closely to adjust projections and quantities of specific sizes as we gain more users. We have scaled up with more sets and are bringing more systems into the market, all the while maintaining strong partnerships and tight communication across our supply chain.”

Steve Sanderson, company VP of Marketing and Product Development, told OTW, “We are the first company to offer surgeons the ability to match the disc to their own preference or that of the patient anatomy or profile. This range of choices is rare in spine, especially in motion preservation. The original cervical prodisc C technology has been on the U.S. market since 2007. That, coupled with the technology platform track record of 30 years and nearly 250,000 implantations and 500 publications, give surgeons a lot of confidence in proceeding with prodisc C Vivo or prodisc C SK.



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