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Centinel Spine in the News | John Viscogliosi: The Sentinel at Centinel Spine

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Often, as a company rises to the top, the allure of “bright lights, big city” can draw it away from its original mission. In the case of Centinel Spine, however, there has been a “Guard-in-Chief” who has successfully walked the tightrope of keeping everyone moving in the right direction while at the same time knowing when to let them innovate. That sentinel is John Viscogliosi.

Viscogliosi, Centinel Spine Chairman & CEO, has much to celebrate with his team these days, reaching a massive milestone of more than 185,000 devices implanted for its various technology platforms and hailing the 10th anniversary of its founding.

Life was first breathed into Centinel Spine, LLC in August 2008 via the merger-acquisition of Raymedica and Surgicraft. “Four months later,” says Viscogliosi, “we acquired the STALIF® (stand-alone lumbar interbody fusion) portfolio and have since grown it to be what others view as the company for stand-alone devices worldwide. Although in the last 10 years we have enhanced the products, we have not strayed from the fundamentals and the design rationale of what makes our products work so well…




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